Integrated Well Measurement and Optimization Program

Integrated Well Measurement and Optimization Program

PIMOP is a new concept in Management of Measurement and Optimization of Production of Oil Wells, developed by Vox Analyzer, to leverage and support the Oil Industry in the development of an effective strategy, that allow to quickly solve the current needs And future of Production Measurement and Optimization, guaranteeing to its users a statistic of measurement in harmony with the daily operations and the new development, that allow to maintain the useful life of the different deposits.


  1. It radically resolves the current and future needs of the Operators in their objective to meet the measurement and optimization statistics of Production in 100%.
  2. Provide an additional Online Service of Production Optimization that allows users to make decisions for optimal well operation.
  3. Utiliza una Red Virtual Inteligente en línea de monitoreo, visualización y análisis de pruebas de medición y Optimización de pozos.


  • Web visualization of operational parameters, alarms, events and reports.
  • Well Testing Report and Results.
  • Estimation of production in real time, losses or deferred as well.
  • Analysis and validation of the production data.
  • Production Optimization by comparing the current behavior of the well (MATCH)
  • Production Optimization through Nodal Analysis
    • Simulation of the INFLUX of the reservoir.
    • Simulation of the EFFLUENCE of the production system.
  • Histories of Well Production Data 
  • Prediction of fluid levels and submersion.
  • Efficiency and diagnosis of Pumping.
  • Recommendations and actions.