Training of Production Operators

Description of the Training Program:

  • Characterization: Initial Measurement, Objectives, Criteria and Performance Indicators
  • Courses: Imparting Knowledge.
  • Field Tutoring: Experience, Practice, "Do-Learning".
  • Multiskill training
  • Quality Coordination: Process feedback
  • Management of the Learning: Administrative Practice for the supervision and control of the learning plus the measurement Added Value

Other courses:

1-. Nodal Analysis of the Production System in Oil and Gas Wells.

      1.1-. Basic Level-Intermediate

      1.2-. Advanced level

2-. Artificial Gas Raising and Pumping Systems

3-. Systems of Artificial Lift by Gas. Basic Level-Intermediate

      3.1-. Continuous Injection

      3.2-. Intermittent Injection

      3.3-. Continuous and Intermittent Injection Simultaneously 

4-. Artificial Lift Systems by Pump. Basic Level-Intermediate

      4.1-. progressive cavity pump BCP

      4.2-. Electrosummer pump BES

      4.3-. Hydraulic pumping BH

      4.4-. Mechanical Pumping BM

5-. Multiphase Flow Through Piping