Viscosity Analyzer

Viscosity Analyzer

Whether you are blending asphalts or foods, refining oil or petrochemicals, or manufacturing consumer products, pharmaceuticals, or industrial polymers – precision, real-time viscosity measurements are critical to assuring product consistency and quality. Equally important in today’s competitive environment, well-placed viscometry measurement lets you optimize your processes for increased efficiency and lower costs. Equally important in today's competitive environment, well-placed viscosity measurement allows you to optimize your processes to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Ours viscometers are dual-component systems comprising a ViscoLiner® controller and a sensor with a variety of probes* to suit most applications − making accurate process measurement easy, reliable, and cost-effective in even the harshest process setting. Hermetically sealed from the process and welded to a base, ViscoLiner sensors can be mounted in any position within a reactor, tank, or pipe. This way, real-time measurements are taken exactly where and when it’s most effective for process optimization and control to improve process economics.

The sensor resonates torsionally and its oscillation is servo-controlled at a constant amplitude. A change in viscosity of the material surrounding the probe results in a change in the amount of electrical power required to maintain the constant amplitude. This change in power is a mathematical function of the material’s viscosity. Constant mechanical amplitude provides superior measurement precision. 

Technical specifications:

Tecnología de Medición : torsión oscilatoria

ViscoLiner® 500

Diversas geometrías de sensores proporcionan una gama global de 0.1 hasta 100,000 cP / mPa.s Incluso bajo duras condiciones como temperaturas de hasta 250°F / 120°C y presiones de hasta 300 psig / 20 bar, el ViscoLiner ® 500 ha demostrado ser un instrumento confiable.


Diversas geometrías de sensores proporcionan una gama globalde 0,1 a 1.000.000 cP / mPa.s. Incluso bajo duras condiciones como temperaturas de hasta 850 ° F / 450 ° C y presiones de hasta 5.000 psi / 350 bar el ViscoLiner ® 800 ha demostrado ser una instrumento confiable.