Multiphase Flow Meter MFM Orinoco

Multiphase Flow Meter MFM Orinoco

The complexity of multiphase flow requires high technology solutions to solve the problems encountered in different profiles that are present presents during oil field production. The diversity of process and applications, where multiphase flow measurement is required has been the driving force in the development of the Multiphase Flow Meter MFMOrinoco.

The MFM Orinoco is a patented multiphase flow meter developed in Venezuela, whose technology is based on an Axial Flow Conditioner (AFLOCS). This system is a lightweight and low maintenance vortex generator capable of operating efficiently and reliably with light, medium and extra heavy oil.

Because the AFLOCS technologic, MFMOrinoco is not affected by flow patterns and utilizes high precision primary measurement technologies, which converts it into a measuring reference for multiphase flow equipment. The MFM Orinoco is composed by technology for, flows conditioner, liquid flow measuring, gas flow measuring, in-line gas entrapped measuring, water cut analyzer, and a viscometer. A PID control system si also incorporated to optimize the measurement of multiphase fluids that are found under different oil flied conditions.

Technical specifications




Our models are classified according to the oil  type, flow range and fixed or portable configuration.


The MFMorinoco is mounted on a skid, with all its respective input and output connections, dimensioned according to the process conditions, and manufactured in compliance with the manufacturing and design standards of the oil industry. It has weatherproof and extreme weather protection.