Density Analyzer

Density Analyzer

With percussion technology of Ultimo Density Analyzer, process plants do not need to depend on nuclear radiation densitometers to measure the density of abrasive, caustic or corrosive process materials. The Ultimo Density Analyzer, 100% clamp on, measures effectively density, without the need for periodic recalibration or maintenance, if the material is a loose suspension, liquid or solid.

The costs of supplying and installing our Density Analyzer are lower than nuclear devices, with no headaches and administrative concerns. There is no government oversight or paperwork and there are no restrictions where the Last Meter density can be used.

Even more importantly, Ultimo density analyzer allows a process plant to extend its plant-wide optimization strategy. Installation is easy and quick and the density of the analyzer works just as well on all industry standard process piping. A safe, reliable and robust instrument will provide many years of worry-free and dependable service.

Advantages for the user:

  • Non-invasive: The density analyzer is mounted on the outside of the wall pipe or vessel without penetrating the wall and not in contact with material, vapors.
  • Easy to install and use: No holes or openings required. Simply connect the sensor / receiver module to a pre-installed mounting bracket. Install any time - full or empty.
  • No radiation: No licenses, permits or special insurance endorsements are required to use the Ultimo density meter.
  • Cost-effective: Ultimo density  meter is designed for long life. No maintenance or periodic cleaning is required.
  • Flexible: Can be used with virtually any tube construction or wall container and all flowing and non-carbonated materials free

Technical specifications:

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